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It could be one of the most important readings that you will get through this Book that can truly change your life. This Book will isolate time to capture the situation and reveal its significance. At last, you have discovered a direct channel that will allow you an insight into your own destiny.

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People come from people and are shaped by people. Two people in relationship bring with them the stories and complexes of mother and father.

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Mother-Moon as home, belonging, family, and the body and its needs. Father-Sun as conscious awareness, perception, and judgement. That relationship becomes another form of community from which each individual emerges. It is the opportunity and the venue for each individual to become more of who they are as promised in their natal chart. In natal sidereal astrology we know that no transit or present astrological configuration can bring about anything that is not already promised in the birth chart.

Planets in Synastry: Astrological Patterns of Relationships : E.W. Neville :

The same is true for synastry. The Sun has to do with how you think, how your mind works. It may also say something about the men in your life. Sympathetic contacts aspects to the Sun shows harmony in the way that you both think and how you see things. Hostile contacts may show indifference or conflict between your ways of seeing things. The Moon is a reflection of your background, family ties, or lack thereof. The Moon tells what home is like. Your Venus conjunct his Moon may not productive or constructive if his or her Moon is in an inferior square with Saturn. Especially if the Moon is in Scorpio.

This may be a person that has a tenuous relationship with family and kin. Believe it or not, the antidote to a controlling Mars visitor really is a protective house possessor—as a person protected gives you back the control of their relationship frontiers which they take away from you inside of the relationship. With the right balance of your protectiveness and their control, this same house can fuel a fire in the Mars person which is fun to watch and hard to stop. Jupiters in your 3rd tend not to hear your opinions.

Jupiters in your 4th tend not to acknowledge your emotions. Jupiters in your 7th have a real conversation with you without managing to give your side any credence. Jupiters in the 10th in what may be the friendliest placement are often inaccessible. Jupiters in your 11th often allow the judgment of their social world to block the relationship with you.

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Clearly these are mostly negative. In general, the Jupiter person is very good at instructing you in how to come out of your box and execute your house properly. Why else would a road rager do what he does to you?

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Part of it is because he wants to limit faceless you you as an identity-less Saturn limiter. Instead most of our attempts at revenge against faceless actors come from a need to assert ourselves against a larger world. In order for that trust to attain, however, the other person has to prove reliable enough. Since Saturn adds structure to things, it is possible for the structured house to eventually reach its perfected form under a specific relationship.

We humans being what we are, it is easy for us to frame our interactants as though they are the same today as they were yesterday. In the case of the Saturn visitor, you may find that they fail to acknowledge your growth in the relevant house simply because they are still used to their role as limiters. Their planets in your house promoting the planet afterwards?

Venus, for example, seems to bring Mars effects. Jupiter looks a lot like Saturn. Why is this? You can only imagine what implications this has for how we pass judgment on others… In any event, this kind of shift in planetary effects will actually end up being THE defining characteristic of composite charts later on, introducing a whole new area of complexity into how we read certain astrological results: where goals following planets or motives preceding planets are involved, we can expect tangled effects which mix the astrological factor as it is PLUS the astrological factor as it would have been.

Despite any of the tables you may have read earlier or many of the normal interpretations you may have seen online, certain areas of astrology like synastric house placements are simply surprising in their patterns. As slow moving planets, these three say a lot about how you as a rising sign are affected by larger groups of people. Actually, it's more like you are the one doing the broadcasting. In a way, you publicize the other as belonging here in this house area of life in your world—especially since they have a tendency to draw out your surprise here.

All of the basic placements follow the usual table, where people in certain age groups tend to impress you in the different areas of life indicated. When you talk to others about the role they play in your life, you tend to emphasize their deeds under the heading of this house. So 1st house visitors have impressive drive, 2nd house visitors have impressive wealth or values, 3rd house visitors are impressive communicators, and so on.

Ascendant Overlays Synastry

You are more likely to be an impressive worker to others. No associate Uranuses visiting your 4th? Perhaps you have impressive intuition. This placement is thus useful for looking at where others consider you talented. One of the best ways to discover your gossip worthy talent based on a visiting Uranus is to ask yourself where you prefer to reference dead people yes, dead people as role models. Take some departed heroes of yours and look at their charts. See where their Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto fall for a good look at how you yourself would like to be seen in the Uranus case, gossiped about across time.

The practice of looking at the charts of non-humans and the non- living tells you a lot about your own ideals as a person.

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We get to this in Chapter Hear ye! Their Neptune in your 11th is more about their response to society than it is their individual social role. There is a good chance that you treat them as second string here, not giving them the attention they need to move forward. If you do pay attention to this side, you may overwhelm them, causing them to pull back anyway. Frequent reminders of their value are helpful here. As Pluto treks across the signs with subsequent generations of people younger than you, you tend to adopt the status of wise man in the affairs of your original house.

Meanwhile others pressure you to correctly meet the societal standard in whatever house their Pluto visits yours in, where people older than you are often teachers of the standard even if accidentally and people younger than you often demand that you apply your original house to teach them in the house their Pluto visits.

Or perhaps it's better to say that this is the side of themselves that the other offers you which you are inclined to accept without necessarily repaying the favor or st appreciating what they give. Their ASC in your 1 promotes your using them for their personality. In the 2nd, you use them for their worth—in a placement that facilitates low self-esteem, psychological damage, or a basic lack of confidence on their part. The 8th uses them for the power they display in your company.

The 9th fosters their public self-broadcast as very often negative, irritating, or arrogant.

Sun enters Scorpio

In positive cases Other may just be overconfident. The 10th uses Other for their show of authority. When your 2nd house is the one being visited, you spend much of your time counseling or spreading your values to the other person.